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About Mobility Scooters

Three-wheel Standard Scooters:

These electric mobility scooters are more agile than four-wheeled models, as exemplified via the Turning Radius. The ‘Turning Radius’ of a Scooter is the amount of space needed for a mobility scooter to make a “U-Turn”. The smaller the Turning Radius, the relatively “easier” it is to turn around or “make a 180” in a tight space.

Four-wheel Standard Scooters:

These models provide a high level of stability and comfort given the 4 points of contact with the ground. They are manufactured for outside usage, provide more traction and can more easily ride over rough surfaces.

Travel Scooters:

Available with three or four wheels, travel scooters are designed for maximum portability. They are smaller and lighter than standard models, and can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Folding Scooters:

Like travel models, folding scooters are smaller and weigh less than standard models. They typically feature three wheels and enable the user to fold the unit for storage or travel purposes with minimal bending.  While these scooters can fold in a very compact fashion, they may be heavier than individual pieces of disassembled travel scooters.  Customers need to ensure that they can pick up the scooter when folded.

Heavy Duty Scooters:

These models have greater weight capacity than other scooter types. Most scooters can accommodate users who weigh up to 250 pounds. Heavy duty scooters are built for individuals weighing up to 350 pound and some models are designed to handle weights up to 500 pounds.



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