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Compass PC


The Golden Compass Sport GP605 power chair comes standard with the new Dynamic Linx controller! The Dynamic Linx provides a better ride experience using Dynamic’s patented Dynamic Load Compensation technology. Dynamic Load Compensation allows the electronics to control the speed of the motors so the chair behaves the way the client expects, making driving simpler and more natural experience. This unique technology also makes the ride independent of the terrain or environment by continuously making small adjustments depending on the driving conditions, such as hills, speed and rider weight.


  • Constant contact – Patented Springless Articulating Chassis; offering the best traction and stability
  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Improved battery range of 19.5 miles
  • Turning radius 19.5”
  • Dynamic Linx Smart Controller (40 amp)
  • Side-mounted charging port
  • Adjustable-depth seat / Swivel seat
  • Height adjustable headrest
  • Armrest height, width and angle adjustable
  • Designed exclusively for Golden, imported product


Maximum Incline
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Drive Wheels Center
Maximum Speed 4 mph
Operating Range1 24 miles
Ground Clearance3 3.25"
Turning Radius3 19.5”
Type Batteries 2-U1
Freewheel Mode Yes
Electronic Speed Control/td> Yes
Electro-Mechanical Brakes Yes
Charger Off Board
Controller 40 Amp
Length 39”
Width (Outside of tires) 24”
Height (ground to top of back of seat) 38” - 40”
Height (ground to top of back of headrest) 45” - 50.5”
Ground to Top of Seat 21” - 23”
Number of Seat Height Positions 3
Size of Increments 1”
Weight of Unit (assembled): 185 lbs.
Base  92 lbs.
Seat with Arms 46 lbs.
Batteries 22 lbs.
Tires:  Flat Free
Center  10”
Casters 6”
Standard Seat: Captain’s Seat
Back Height - no headrest 19”
Back Height with headrest 26.5” - 30”
Width x Depth 18” x 18”/20”
Optional Seat:  Captain's Seat 
Back Height - no headrest 19”
Back Height with headrest 26.5” - 30”
Width x Depth 16”, 18”, 20”, or 22” x 16”, 18”or 20”
Height adjustable  3” - 7”
Angle adjustable  0 - 35 degrees


1  Battery range tested at 200 lbs. and will vary due to rider weight, drive surface, terrain and battery type.



  • Frame: 5 Years
  • Drive Train: 13 Months
  • Electronics1: 13 Months
  • Batteries: 1 Year

1 Electronics warranty excludes batteries.


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